Standard Bank SA - Standard Bank dont honour claims

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In March I discovered from a colleague that geysers were covered by fixed property insurance. In January 2 of my geysers burst so I immediately called STD INS & went through the average 15min wait before reaching a consultant and asked to submit a late claim, she agreed and sent out an assessor.

He took photos of the geysers and confirmed the damage he also took photos of the replacement solar geysers.

A week later I attempted to follow up on the claim, again 15min wait to speak to a consultant, often the calls are dropped waisting another 15min each time. This is probably a tactic to avoid paying out claims.

Promise after promise was broken, a few queries later they ask for serial numbers for the replacement geysers so I furnished them with the invoices and directed them to the supplier. After 3 or 4 more enquiries and a promise that the payment would reflect on Friday 22nd, I am eventually told by Thabo that a letter was sent on 11 June, 3 months after the initial claim was submitted, that the claim was declined on the grounds it was submitted late. Why accept the claim in the first place?

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Standard Bank SA - Standard Bank - no service

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We have Master card issued by Standard Bank.

1. No statements for October

2010 have been received up to September 2011, despite our numerous messages

sent to Standard Bank.

2. The balance due and actual amount debited to our account does not

match, obviously to Standard's advantage, i.e. we are charged by

Standard Bank more than we spend.

No explanations on it received either.

3. Interest is charged on monthly basis although there can be no


amounts due are automatically debited to our account in the beginning of

each month and our account was never in overdraft for the past 5


We are under impression that Standard tries it every time

in hope we will not pick it up.

4. Our credit card has been revoked by Pupuma Mpumzi MM, without any explanation, presumably

because of complaints we lodged. Obviously instead of addressing it.

All our requests are routinely ignored which is normal for Standard

Bank. We are going to keep on

complaining until Standard Bank starts to pay at least minimal

attention to their dismal quality of customer service.

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Standard Bank SA - Mr Skhosana,Standard bank ripping me by different debt collectors.

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Standard bank unfair debt collecting procedure by allowing number of collectors to deal with one client.These collectors do not even update you when handing over to their client whilst he keeps on charging interest on you as a consumer.Secondly these collectors do not subtract whatever you are paying to them from the initial loan.I feel Standard bank has taken advantage of me by letting me repay a R20000 loan for a period of almost 5yrs by charging me interest whilst their collectors does the same.Although I am not familiar with the consumer act yet but I believe this is totally illegal.

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Standard Bank SA - Standard Bank's Service Sucks

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I have been a Standard Bank client for over 25 years and have a cheque account.housebond and credit card with them which I operate via Internet banking.

I have been trying for ages to open a Savings Account which can be linked to these accounts and operated via internet banking. I've been in FOUR times and STILL DO NOT HAVE THIS SERVICE. And now guess what? According to them IT'S MY FAULT and they want me to go BACK TO THE BRANCH!!!!!!!!.

So far I've spent over 3 hours there in less than two weeks. The irony - THEY ACTUALLY SAY THEY OFFER THIS SERVICE - it's not like I'm trying to buy a hamburger or wedding dress from them - this is something they say they can do. What a joke!!!!! It appears that they cannot do anything.

Is there anywhere these days where one can get good service dispensed by competent and well trained staff?How about telling these men and women in this poorly operated branch that it is customers like me, who pay a fortune in banking fees who actually pay their salaries?

Lorna Bannatyne

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